Some of our Comments...

  • My husband and I came in for lunch today and really enjoyed your pizza and breadsticks. You sent us home with a cup of your chicken velvet soup. It is wonderful! Thank you so much. We look forward to seeing you the next time we order pizza. You have two new fans! -- Sincerely, Emily Shreve
  • Hello Zionsville Pizzeria, Just wanted to let you know we stopped by for the pizza buffet today. The pizza and place was just awesome! I love the pizza crust! Great job and we will return very soon! -- Thank you! Pat Nutt
  • Just wanted to let you know the pizza we ordered last night was great! The crust was perfect, well baked and delivered hot. Thank you, we’ll be back! -- Jim Mulligan
  • "You're the only pizza in the Village we ever buy! Keep up the good work" — James
  • "Just wanted to say we ordered a pizza from ZPD last night for the first time since Warren’s passing. It may have been the best pizza we ever had. It’s great what you are doing. Your dad would be proud. Our family hereby vows from now on to forgo “Corporate Pizza.”
  • "I've had pizza all around the world and can tell you from experience that there's not another pizza this good anywhere. That's why we order more than once a week. This pizza is phenomenal." — Spoken By A Customer Who Orders More Than Once A Week To Other Customers At Our Pick-Up Counter On 3-23-07
  • "I love to make pizza at home, but mine's not nearly as good as yours, so you keep forcing me to order from you instead!"
  • "I haven't had a ZPD pizza in a few years, so I ordered the other night and I've gotta tell you, I'd forgotten just how good it is!"
  • Our sister-in-law teaches in Westfield and recently overheard another teacher say in the teachers' lounge that she and her husband had had a phenomenal pizza the night before from ZPD. Our sister-in-law took great delight in telling the teacher that ZPD is owned by her sister & brother-in-law.
  • "I'm from New York. I've never been able to find a good pizza anywhere but New York, but you guys are it. Your bread sticks are AWESOME, too. As good as any anywhere."
  • "You guys have the best pizza anywhere. Nobody touches ZPD. You're the only pizza we order."
  • "This is the best pizza we've had anywhere. Once you have this pizza, you won't want one from the chains." — A Zionsville Restaurant Owner Who Orders Multiple Times A Week
  • "We especially like the hand-sautéed mushrooms!"
  • "You guys are always the best in town."
  • "You're the only pizza I buy."
  • "I'm pretty sure my kids can't go on living without your bread sticks now that they've had them." — A Zionsville Business Owner

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