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Our Sizes Of Pizzas
We offer 4 sizes of pizzas: 
Small 12" — Medium 14" — Large 16" — Extra Large 18"
Our medium 14" is what many other pizza places call their "large."
Our extra large 18" is 26% larger than our large 16".
We offer two cuts, pie and party, and pie is our default unless you request the party cut.

How Our Sizes Compare To Each Other
Not to get too scientific about it, but our medium is 36% larger than our small.  Our large is 30% larger than our medium.  Our extra large is 27% larger than our large.  Our extra large is equal to 2¼ of our smalls.

A small feeds 1-2 people (if neither is a big eater).  A medium feeds 2.5-4 people.  A large feeds 3-4 people.  An extra large feeds 4-5 people.  (These are just guidelines.  Your mileage may vary based on how hungry everyone is.)

Oven-roasted Chicago-style sausage • Pepperoni • Hand-sautéed fresh mushrooms • Sautéed fresh garlic • Green pepper • Crushed Roma Tomatoes • Onions • Green olives • Pineapple • Ham • Black olives • Crumbled beef • Anchovies • Fresh basil leaves (subject to availability) • Crumbled basil

We can also use barbecue sauce, garlic powder, sea salt and other ingredients in the making of your pizza.  Just ask!

We offer 2-liters of Coke, and cans of Diet Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, 7Up, Diet 7Up, A&W Root Beer and Sunkist Orange.  We also have bottles of spring water.  We keep our drinks cold for you so they go great with your ZPD pizza.

Our breadsticks have earned rave reviews, so try 'em with your next pizza.  There are 4 to an order.  They're brushed with imported extra-virgin olive oil, gently baked golden brown, the basted with our hand-pressed garlic & melted butter blend.  We finish them with a dusting of imported Pecorino and Romano cheeses.  They're not only really tasty, they're cheaper than our Zionsville competitors' breadsticks.

Dipping Sauce
We offer with our breadsticks your choice of cheese sauce or our signature, slow-simmered pizza sauce.  If you're not ordering breadsticks, or if you'd like both sauces with your breadsticks, you can request a cup of cheese sauce or pizza sauce for a small additional charge.

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